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Iowa Flood Mitigation Board approves over $21 million in flood recovery project funding

Iowa Flood Mitigation Board approves over $21 million in flood recovery project funding

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At a meeting held Feb. 14, the Iowa Flood Mitigation Board approved $21,003,161 in funding to flood recovery projects. In a second round of funding to Iowa’s Flood Recovery Fund, legislators approved an appropriation of $21,003,186 on February 12. The Iowa Flood Mitigation Board controls the Flood Recovery Fund and uses it to fund flood response, recovery or mitigation activities, and had previously distributed an appropriation of $15 million to various flood-injured parties in September of 2019.

The board had previously reviewed a list of 39 projects during a Feb. 6 meeting, identifying 23 that were considered first priority, or immediate needs, with an emphasis on levee repair projects. Because funding from legislature had not been finalized, the board tabled any decision to a later meeting. The 23 priority projects had a price tag of nearly $22 million, and board members hoped to see those numbers reconsidered by project organizers, possibly trimming some fat, while the matter was tabled.

In the time period between the Feb. 6 meeting and the Feb. 14 meeting, the City of Hamburg had come forward regarding their “Hamburg Downtown Main Street Commercial Demolitions” project, saying they didn’t have everything in place to complete the entire project, and reducing their funding request by $265,000.

With the extra funds received from the legislative appropriation and Hamburg’s reduced request, the board was willing to consider three additional funding requests that had been on the original list of 39 projects but not prioritized.

This brought the total to 26 projects approved, and 13 projects that did not receive funding in this round.

To be received in FremontCounty:

  • L-601 Levee-Bartlett Segment-$804,350 for levee improvements;
  • Mills-Fremont Drainage District-$1,465,000 for levee improvements;
  • L-594 Pleasant Valley Levee District-$862,000 for levee repairs/relocation;
  • L-601 Missouri River-Wabonsie Segment-$809,915 for L-601 Levee-Wabonsie repairs;
  • Fremont County-$15,954.05 for matching dollars on buyout appraisals;
  • Fremont County-$38,000 for matching dollars on flood debris removal and flood damaged asphalt pad repair, and
  • City of Hamburg-$1,100,000 for matching funds on Main Street commercial demolitions.

FremontCounty had also submitted a funding request for a housing recovery project, but received no funding at this meeting. Fremont County Supervisor Terry Graham attended the Feb. 6 meeting and was told then this project might be more suited to IEDA CDBG funding that is coming up.

Other projects approved for funding across the State of Iowa included:

  • Scott County EMA-$417,375 for a critical utility water well at Genesis Medical Center East;
  • City of Buffalo-$211,021 for creation of the ElmStreetBasin;
  • Vanman Levee District-$3,369,106.70 for levee improvements;
  • Pony Creek Drainage District-$1,152,300 for levee improvements;
  • L-601 Missouri River LB-Miller Sturgeon-$652,650 for levee improvements;
  • Lorimor Drainage District-$733,300 for levee improvements;
  • Watkins Drainage District-$465,500 for levee improvements;
  • Plattville Drainage District-$425,700 for levee improvements;
  • New St. Mary’s Drainage District-$685,500 for levee improvements;
  • M & P Missouri River Levee District-$1,709,474 for levee improvements;
  • Coulthard Levee District-$4,427,965 for levee improvements;
  • Fensler Drainage District-$76,848.90 for levee improvements;
  • Honey Creek Drainage District-$651,519.30 for levee improvements;
  • Nobles Lake Drainage District-$51,089.55 for levee improvements;
  • Pigeon Creek Drainage District #2-$206,100 for levee improvements;
  • M & P Missouri River Levee District-$279,149 for levee improvement planning;
  • Pigeon Creek Drainage District #8-$8,400 for levee improvements;
  • Sac Drainage District-$42,403.50 for levee improvements, and
  • City of Council Bluffs-$$342,540 for property acquisition.

The Iowa Flood Mitigation Board and the legislature will continue to seek additional funding for flood recovery efforts in future appropriations sessions.

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