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McCunn receives life sentence
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McCunn receives life sentence

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Toby McCunn, who was convicted last month of the first-degree murder of Josh Jordan April 22 in Shenandoah, received a life sentence Tuesday, Sept. 17 in the Page County Courthouse.

Judge Jeff Larson informed McCunn and his legal counselors of the sentence. McCunn did not show any emotion after being told. The judge had already denied a motion for a new trial stating the weight of the evidence explained the week of Aug. 5 was enough to support the jury’s verdict. The sentence can be appealed.

McCunn had initially plead not guilty citing he was acting in self-defense when he confronted Jordan, 33, at a house. McCunn approached Jordan about alleged stolen items. Guns were eventually drawn and Jordan died in the altercation. McCunn was found and arrested later in the day. McCunn did not testify during the trial.

During the sentencing, those who were affected by the death of Jordan were allowed to speak.

Amber Jordan, a sister-in-law to Josh, said she lost her closest, dearest friend. The incident has interrupted her son’s sleep patterns and her own.

“It’s difficult to cope,” she said. “It’s a great loss. Josh was the only one who understands me.”

Amber said she has received counseling and her pregnancy has “been stolen.” Wanting her pregnancy to be a time of joy, Amber said she had some development problems but they have been treated.

“I’ve been left with this mess” she said, after the loss of Josh.

Josh’s daughter, Dezi, 15, spoke, and said it’s a pain to not have a father for birthdays, homecoming and church.

“He died immediately. I felt the pain,” she said.

Dezi said she knows her parents started a family at a young age as she was raised by grandparents. Dezi said she continues to experience trouble with family as she said an uncle died by suicide.

“We’re not all perfect,” she said. “Dad carried a gun to protect himself from people like you.”

Dezi said she was troubled by seeing her own dad’s coffin but tried to make the best of the situation.

“I said I’ll see you later instead of goodbye,” she said. “You don’t deserve forgiveness. Your image as a person isn’t very good. This is the face of a girl whose father you murdered.”

Josh’s mother, Dawn Neumann, told McCunn that, “No parent should have to bury a child. It tore my family apart.”

Neumann said the reasons behind the incident keep her up at night as she struggles finding support knowing people are relying on her to support them.

“We will come out of this stronger than ever before,” she said about her family.

McCunn was ordered to pay $150,000 to Jordan’s estate for restitution plus court costs, attorney fees and a penalty to the crime victim’s compensation fund. A charge against McCunn for kidnapping has been dismissed.

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