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Fremont County taxpayers should know

Fremont County taxpayers should know

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Each year, Fremont County gives the golf course money to operate. Why? The golf course should be making money, or else it should be sold and privatized. These figures were obtained from the courthouse and are an estimate. Golf course yearly budget is $312,447, of which $34,165 comes from Reap (state money). The golf course revenue is $132,447, of which $25,623 comes from Reap (state money), so the golf course only generates around $106,824 a year. So if you subtract the Reap money and the revenue the golf course generates the golf course is losing money, ($312.447 - $34165 - $106,824 - $25,623 = $171,364). Fremont County is giving the golf course $171,364 a year to be able to stay open; this is taxpayer’s money to support a golf course! The state of Iowa gives $59,788. This is money that could be spent better on other needs. Other golf courses around are making money, so why is the Fremont County golf course losing money? Of the $312,447 yearly budget, the golf course self sustains $106,824 of the budget. Fremont County and the State of Iowa give $205,623 taxpayer money to keep it running. Citizens need to write the Board of Supervisors and let them know they don’t’ want to give money to the golf course to keep it open. Write to: Board of Supervisors / Fremont County Auditor, PO Box 610, Sidney, Iowa 51652.

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