I always joke my birthday present 20 years ago was being hired at The Valley News, which was obviously a good present because I am still here.

Since then, I have held many positions at the newspaper beginning as the receptionist. I went on to work in the editorial department paginating pages, circulation manager and even worked as a sales rep for a year, however, selling was not for me.

I moved into the graphics/production department and eventually became the graphics/production manager, I have now been in this department for the past 14 years.

Since the beginning of the year, I have had the opportunity to work more closely with the editorial department and help more with stories and pictures. I have enjoyed being able to get out in the public, talk with people and help bring the news to the community.

I can honestly say I enjoy working here, and after all these years I cannot see myself anywhere else. I care about this newspaper and take pride in the product we produce. I want it to be the best product it can be, not just for the company, but for the community as well.

When the editor’s position became available last month I decided it was time for another move, I am excited to begin another new chapter at The Valley News as the new editor.

I look forward to meeting new people and re-visiting with those I may already know and will work hard to provide the local news coverage our readers deserve.

For those of you who may not know me, my husband is Larry and we are proud to call Shenandoah our home. We have three wonderful kids, and have also been blessed with lots of grandchildren. When you see me out and about on the weekend or during summer break from school, there is a good chance one or more of the grandchildren will be with me.

My office door is open for you to stop by with your stories and community news, or give me a call. I look forward to chatting with you.

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