As a person that has taken country dance lessons twice and frequently used to go dancing with my husband Larry, I am perplexed as to how I forgot most of the steps to some of my favorites. Isn’t it like riding a bike?

I was contemplating these questions Saturday evening on the drive home from Maryville after spending the evening with friends.

The first few dances for Larry and me went fairly smooth with a basic two-step, which I maneuvered without much difficulty. I even made it through the steps of a waltz.

Up next came my all-time favorite, the Stationary Cha Cha.

There we went out on the dance floor to show off our moves. I showed off my moves all right, I did all the wrong moves.

I couldn’t remember when to sway, step forward or backward or when to turn. I was a step behind everyone else, including Larry, because I was trying to watch and follow along. I was successful in getting our arms tangled up. About halfway through the song, Larry kindly suggested we sit the rest of the song out.

Ok, so the Stationary Cha Cha needed some work. With my pride hurt a little, I decided we could do some living room practicing for next time.

My next challenge was a line dance to Boot Scootin Boogie. I admit I have never learned a lot of line dances, but this one I knew. Or at least I used to.

The song started to play, and Larry said, “Hey, you know this one.” So I watched the footwork for a second and then out on the dance floor I went with enthusiasm.

After stumbling, not dancing, through most of the song, I returned to my seat defeated.

As I sat and sulked just a little, I decided a refresher course in country dance lessons for couples or some YouTube tutorial videos were in order before attempting this again.

On the bright side, I did run into someone that gives line dance lessons at the Eagles Club in Shenandoah on Thursday evenings. So if there is anyone needing to work on their moves like me, or want to have some fun, join me.

Some of the dances may have gotten the better of me but I was thankful for the quality time spent with Larry and our friends and ended the evening dancing an almost successful Cotton Eye Joe, only stumbling a few times.

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