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Retirement should inspire thoughts of mixed drinks on the beach and long afternoons with the grandkids. But for many people, just mentioning the word spurs anxiety. Younger Americans are waiting too long to put money away, middle-aged workers rarely make up for lost time and people approaching retirement hope to hold onto their jobs long […]

Saving enough for retirement may seem like an impossible goal. The standard advice—save at least 10% of your pay—makes sense on paper, but it’s really hard in practice. Perhaps you bounced around between jobs in your 20’s before finding a career. Maybe your job didn’t offer a 401(k) and you never got around to setting […]

It’s hard to avoid the constant reminders that college in America is outrageously expensive, and that prices have been climbing for years. But don’t lose hope: It is possible to save a meaningful amount for your child’s college education, even if your budget is tight, as long as you make a plan. The amount you […]

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Tax-advantaged retirement accounts provide you with valuable retirement benefits. In exchange, you agree to lock up your money for the long term. Need early access to your retirement savings? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may charge an early withdrawal penalty. That’s why you need to understand Rule 72(t), which outlines a process by which you […]

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A 457(b) is a type of tax-advantaged retirement plan for state and local government employees, as well as employees of certain non-profit organizations. While the 457(b) shares a few features with the more familiar 401(k) plan, it also has some unusual features. Here’s what you need to know. What Is a 457(b)? A 457(b) is […]

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