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Greenfield says GOP tax plan won’t work for rural Iowans

Greenfield says GOP tax plan won’t work for rural Iowans

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Fresh off their failure to enact a plan that would have stripped tens of thousands of rural Iowans of their health insurance coverage, Rep. David Young, Speaker Paul Ryan, and their Republican colleagues in Congress have undertaken their next challenge: a so called “tax reform” plan.

Unfortunately, this plan would be just as disastrous for rural Iowans as the failed healthcare bill.

I grew up on a family farm, and came of age during the farm crisis of the 1980s. My parents, my siblings, and I poured every ounce of energy we had into that land, and thank goodness we were able to keep the farm. Many families we knew weren’t so lucky. I know the burdens that rural Iowan families

are under. And I know that the last thing they need is Washington politicians adding to the their stress. Unfortunately, that’s what this tax plan will do.

That’s why the National Farmer’s Union came out against the bill. NFU President Roger Johnson said, “we adamantly oppose the overarching elements of this plan because they shift the nation’s tax burden from the top earners in our country to the backs of American family farmers, ranchers and the middle class.”

Family farms are often used by politicians as shields so that they can do the bidding wealthy special interests. Repealing the estate tax, as this bill does, helps the wealthiest Americans – it does nothing for small business owners and farms. With so many of the tax breaks in the House bill going to corporations and pass-throughs, our farms will be left holding the bag. As if family farms and small business needed yet another competitive disadvantage!

David Young should call on Paul Ryan to scrap this disastrous bill, and work together with Democrats and other stakeholders to craft a real reform package – one that will simplify the tax code, reduce burdens on the middle-class, and strengthen rural Iowa. Southwestern Iowa is watching.

The author is a candidate

for Congress in Iowa’s Third Congressional District. For more information, please visit

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